miércoles, 24 de noviembre de 2010

fNs056 Dreamcatcher / shalocins Split CDR

Dreamcatcher / shalocins 
5€ g.e. incl. EU/ppd EU
6€ ppd Rest Of World
CDR compartido de los canadienses Dreamcatcher y el español shalocins. Primer disco de Dreamcatcher (Blake Hargreaves-Cousins of Reggae- y Katherine Kline-The You Me Colour Band) desde 2008, grabación en directo en radio hecha en junio de 2010. Un tema de más de 23 minutos dividido en cuatro secciones de electrónica experimental, con sintes siniestros, ritmos electrónicos balbuceantes y ecos de Throbbing Gristle, todo lo cual te lleva a un estado de inconsciencia placentero y asombroso en cada escucha.
shalocins ofrece un tema de 14 minutos donde se funden electrónica lo-fi, vientos deformados, música concreta, melodías y ritmos dantescos escondidos bajo un manto de reverberación y ruido, y forman su tema más psicodélico y melódico hasta la fecha.
Edición limitada de 50 copias numeradas a mano, en fundas de cartón, con etiquetas y encarte a color, impresión en disco, en fundas de plástico.
Split CDR with Canadians Dreamcatcher and Spanish shalocins. First Dreamcatcher recording since 2008, radio play that took place on june 2010. 23 plus minutes of intriguing experimental electronica, sinister synths, spluttering drum machines and echoes of Throbbing Gristle, all of which takes you to an amazing and pleasurable unconciousness state in each listening.
shalocins offers a 14 minute track where lo-fi electronics, distorted winds, musique concrete, Dante's like melodies and rhythms hidden under a blanket of reverb and noise melt and form his most psychedelic and melodic track to date.
Limited edition of 50 hand numbered copies. It comes in cardboard sleeves with colored labels and inserts, b/w print on disc, inside a plastic sleeve.
"I feel like I'm in a dark place musically today. The best thing I've heard all week is by the Swedish sludgecore legends Brainbombs and my first two reviews have imposed the combined effect of a debauched nightmare & the essence of a scary crumbling mental hospital on my psyche. The first act on this rather terrific split CD has been compared loosely to Throbbing Gristle & I can hear why. Juddering mangled retro-electronic weirdness, stealthily monged rhythms, deviant sounds, creepy lyrics, druggy bloopy atmospherics from the first lot. Frightful dark ambiance & sludgy, treacly apocalyptic sound-scapery from the other ones. It sounds a little like early V/VM (particularly the initial The Stranger & Caretaker gear before he got a better computer & imbued his music with his contempt for this beautiful isle). I love the decayed synth sounds & muffled industrialisms that leech horribly onto your mind. I ultimately feel like I'm on a the ghost of a rotting slave ship with a steaming drunk Daniel Lopatin as the black-toothed pirate whipping the groaning tatters of his disenfranchised skeletal crew. Cool!".- Brian (Norman Records)