miércoles, 8 de julio de 2009

fNs004 Aupier "No Is" CD-R

No Is EP
5€ g.e. incl. EU/ppd EU
6€ ppd Rest Of World

Colaboración entre las bandas madrileñas Au y pier, este impactante CDR de 32 minutos reúne lo mejor de cada grupo en 12 temas improvisados, donde la intensidad, la contundencia y el salvajismo metalero de Au y los sonidos libres, no-wave, funk y arítmicos de pier, se unen para crear un ruido multiforme, donde caben micros de contacto, trompetas, guitarras, saxos, bajos, baterías, gritos, armónicas, y otros sonidos no identificados que finaliza en una versión de "A Love Supreme" de Coltrane sin igual. Un ruido supremo.
Doble edición limitada. Una de 40 copias numeradas a mano, diseño por Timy (Au) con impresión a color y empaquetado en fundas de plástico. La otra de 50 copias numeradas a mano, diseño de Buter (pier) con impresión a color y empaquetado en bolsas de plástico con cierre zip.

Collaboration between Madrid bands Au and pier, this striking CDR lasting 32 minutes gathers the best of each band in 12 improvised tracks, where the intensity, forceful and metal wildness of Au and the free, no-wave, funk and arhythmic sounds of pier get toghether to create a multiform noise, where you can find contact mics, trompets, guitars, saxs, bass, drums, screams, harmonicas and other non identifed sounds that ends in an unlikely cover of Coltrane's "A Love Supreme". A noise supreme.
Double limited edition. One of 40 hand numbered copies, designed by Timy (Au), printed in color and packaged in plastic sleeves. Other of 50 hand numbered copies, designed by Buter (pier), printed in color and packaged in plastic sleeves into ziplock bags.

Reseña de Animal Psi/Animal Psi Review
"Aupier represent the noise-rock genre on ‘No Is’ with pitch-perfect comportment of in-the-red static and manic composure, yet appeal outside of the genre’s faithful (in other words, to people like me) by virtue of the vital combination of discretion in composition – each instrument represents itself in resisting that oft-misguided “freedom” – and captured in high fidelity, bringing out all the color and depth to be found in this hedonistic style. Twelve tracks lumber on 34 minutes with a drinker’s stomach; drums pound out reasonable orders, guitars wheedle footpaths in a necessarily-thorny bramble, and the ever-growing vocal presence appears less trapped than liberated, enthusing the harmony of the collaboration with each successive step. Hand-numbered to 40 copies, available 5€ from For Noise’s Sake".13 jan. 2010