jueves, 9 de julio de 2009

fNs009 bazvotni "vrums" EP CD-R

vrums EP
4€ g.e. incl. EU/ppd EU
5€ ppd Rest Of World

bazvotni es el nuevo proyecto nicolash (pier, bura...) donde utiliza cómo únicos elementos la batería y la voz. "vrums" es su primer cdr, en el que, en poco más de 11 minutos, nos encontramos con 10 temas, el más largo de menos de dos minutos, donde se suceden cortas dosis de ruido como elemento, ruido como expresión. Sin electrónica, apenas sin efectos, sólamente una batería, unos micrófonos y una voz que lucha por expresarse en medio de un sonido lo-fi. Una voz que esquiva la tonalidad pero que entona cánticos primitivos, la banda sonora de los pintores de Altamira. Primitivismo en el concepto y la ejecución, ¿cantos a la lluvia? ¿cantos a la muerte? El límite entre música tradicional africana y el lo-fi, la mezcla entre el noise y el freejazz hecho por tahitianos en trance, porque ante todo bazvotni es libre. Filigranas polirrítmicas camufladas en procesados semianalógicos. Y todo sin producir dolor, con la impresión de estar escuchando algo hermoso, algo honesto, con el corazón y sobre todo con el estómago... su corta duración tiene un motivo: este cdr no ha nacido para complacerte, sino para comulgar con él, para entrar a formar parte de él.
CD-R de 3", edición limitada de 50 copias numeradas a mano, con impresión a color, en cajas de cds.

bazvotni is the new project of nicolash (pier, bura...) in which he uses as only tools drums and voice. "vrums" is his first cdr, lasting 11 minutes in 10 tracks no longer than two minutes, where short shots of noise follow one another. Without electronics, hardly with effects, just drums, some mics and a voice that fights for express itself amidst a lo-fi sound. The voice avoids tonality but intones primitive chants, like a soundtrack for the Altamira's Caves painters. Primitivism in concept and execution, chants for rain? chants for death? The limit between african traditional music and lo-fi, a mixture of noise and free-jazz played by tahitians in trance, because primarily bazvotni is free. Polyrhythmic filigrees camouflaged in semianalogical processes. And everything without inflicting any pain, having the impression that you're listening to something beauty, honest, with the heart and the stomach... it's short duration has a reason: this cdr is not made for please, but to be in communion with it, to become part of it.
3" CD-R, limited edition of 50 hand numbered copies, printed in color, in jewel cases.

"Here's another offering from Madrid based For Noise's Sake, this time in the form of an eleven minute, ten track cruiser by a lad named Nicolash, who also plays in Pier. Stripping down his setup to only drums, mics and vocals, the thing is over before you get started, but it has a certain immediacy to it that's pretty hard to deny.
Talking about individual tracks feels a bit silly when the longest offering here is under two minutes and all of them are more or less constructed from the same material, but the whole romp has the kind of caveman, primitivist attitude and aesthetic of Foot Village or Black Pus, only with a tad looser, more cannibalistic, ballistic feel to it. All about total wreckage with this one, as wordless vocal utterances are huffed and puffed atop free rock/jazz drumming that glides between multi-angular African mishmash and complete numb-nuts brawl material. "Loueem Fv" might have a semblance of a beat for its minute, but its weirdly unconcerned in a kind of punk nihilist way that flies way beyond simplicity for simplicity's sake. Elsewhere the vocals are more central, as on "Neaneamem," where growls harken in clattering putters of cymbal tinkling and snare pulse while his hyper Jandek chants fuel a kind of sadomasochistic, hurts so bad it's good energy. Weird.
Like I said before though, the whole thing is eleven minutes long, and its brevity actually adds to the excitement--never stops moving at all. And the submerged, muffled production makes it sound even more like emissions from some deep cavernous wake, a small flame visible atop the bass drum. Surprisingly effective stuff